Autumn 2007

Autumn 2007: Are You Alive Or Not? Is There Nothing In Your Head? 

"Artists and art theoreticians alike are glad to be free at last from the burden of history, from the necessity to take the next step, and from the obligation to conform to the historical laws and requirements of that which is historically new. Instead, these artists and theoreticians want to be politically and culturally engaged in social reality: they want to reflect on their own cultural identity, express their desires, and so on. But first of all they want to show themselves to be truly alive and real - in opposition to the abstract, dead historical constructions represented by he museum system and by the art market. It is of course, a completely legitimate desire. But to be able to fulfil this desire to make a true living art we have to answer the following question: When and under what conditions does art look as if it is alive- and not as if it were dead?"
Boris Groys in On the New, 2002.

This fall Studium Generale Rietveld presents six lecture series on art, design and theory in post historical times. 36 Lectures during which more or less prominent (non-)believers, neo-neo romantics, former terrorists, (anti-)globalists, hardcore idealists, post-post modernists, ultra- and alter- modernists, as well as many other makers and thinkers, will shed light on the
intricate love & hate relations in the eternal triangle: past - present - future. When and under what conditions can art and culture be alive? If we can be forever young? If history finds itself drastically changed by the present? If we can reconstruct and recycle the past when and whenever we want? If we can construct value? If the present finds itself drastically changed by history? If we can get rid of too much history?

"Are you alive, or not ? Is there nothing in your head ?"
T.S.Eliott, The Waste Land (1922).

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