Willem van Weelden

Becoming Minor is curated by Willem van Weelden

Willem van Weelden is a teacher, lecturer and independent writer on new media culture, media theory and interaction design. As a former visual artist he never stopped linking media theory to the dilemma’s and intrinsic ‘problems’ within the tradition of the visual arts, and probes network culture from the vantage point of trying to open new vistas and habitats to survive and change. He has published in numerous magazines and publications a.o. OPEN (SKOR/Nai), and is currently working on his first book ‘Designing Mediation’ that will appear within the series Studies in Network Culture, by the Institute of Network Culture (ed. Geert Lovink). He has taught and teaches at the HKU, MAHKU Editorial Design, Dutch Art Institute / MFA Artez, DOGTIME, Rietveld Academie and Sint Lukas in Brussels. Willem is also connected to the Lectoraat Kunst in de Publieke Ruimte of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie.

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