Aaf van Essen

Becoming Native is curated by Aaf van Essen

Trained at the Rietveld as a designer at a later stage in life, Aaf van Essen dedicated her design practice to a constant negotiation between artistic, idealistic and outspokenly practical and political domains. Her last official function at the Rietveld, she shared with Mieke Gerritzen; Head of the Design Department at the Sandberg Institute. Today her ongoing involvement with the educational practice of the Rietveld continues to be guided by a productive mixture of generosity and curiosity. Since 2002 she has been a very committed fellow traveler with whom the yearly Studium Generale travels became remarkable examples of practice-based education and engagement with the world at large. Her longstanding interest in the writings of Gilles Deleuze's was at the base of a collaboration with philosopher Monique Scheepers during which they organized trainings for the police and other social organizations.

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