Sands Murray-Wassink

Cross-Identifying is curated by Sands Murray-Wassink

Sands Murray-Wassink. Artist/Living Art Subject/Object. Born 1974 Topeka, Kansas, USA. Lives and works in Amsterdam since 1994. Married to Robin Wassink-Murray, computer programmer in hospital laboratory. One cat, Betsie, 12 years old. Special interests: Queer Theory, Feminist Art of 60’s 70’s 80’s 90’s Present precedents and extensions, Fluxus, Intermedia, African American Women Artists, contemporary work of Tracey Emin and Elke Krystufek (colleagues and friends), Communication Art Work, Body Art Work. Sex, Emotions, Perfume. Collecting. Self representations artists in art. Carolee Schneemann. Hannah Wilke. Adrian Piper etc. etc. Subjective Beauty/Harmony. Gay Pornography. Private into Public. Mental states and dislocations/disruptions/destabilizations. Hand made aesthetics. Giving and generosity. International focus with g/local, domestic inspirations...

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