During one full week BECOMING MINORITY presents ten different sessions around ten sub-themes. Each session offers an independent program of one day. Ten platforms for knowledge production through gatherings in a variety of formats: conversation, presentation, performance, keynote lecture, salon, reading room, screening, workshop or discussion.
Teachers and students are invited to participate in the sessions together, therefore no other classes are scheduled during this week.
The Rietveld's workshops will be closed. Students and teachers of the Rietveld, and the general public, have to subscribe for the conference themes they wish to attend (there are two themes / two parallel programmes per day). Please go to: internalaffairs.rietveldacademie.nl. It is very important that both teachers and students enlist for the sessions of their choice BEFORE March 1st.

2010, March 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. Each day from 10 am to 10 pm.
Note that the ten keynote lectures are all scheduled during the evenings from 8 pm till 10 pm.

Gerrit Rietveld Academie
Fred Roeskestraat 96
1076 ED Amsterdam
Phone: 020 - 571 16 00

Welcoming of registered participants will take place in the hall at the ground floor of the main building. A ground plan for the rooms where the different parts of the program are scheduled will be available.

The one and only possibility to see a daily dose of rare cinema. Throughout the whole week, from 5 pm to 7 pm, afternoon screenings curated by Jeffrey Babcock will freely comment and obscure the topics of BECOMING MINORITY. You will find the every day program in the daily conference week newspaper.

All students except those studying at Dogtime (evening-course) as well as those in their final year of course (endexam) are requested to participate in three out of ten seminars. This means that they have to be present on three days out of five. The different departments will communicate their specific requirements for your written or visual reflections on the sessions.
Studium Generale will award one prize of €500 and two of €250 for the best student-contributions to the BECOMING MINORITY reader that is going to be produced after the conference.

During the conference Sara Kaaman and Martin Falck will print and distribute a daily conference paper, with the help of an interdisciplinary team of Rietvelders whose ‘headquarter' will be located in the central hall of the academy. Your textual and visual contributions on all things ‘conferential' are more than welcome! If you're interested in joining please contact: sara.martin.studium@gmail.com

During the conference catering will be provided by the Rietveld's Cantina-team. Snacks, lunches and dinners are available at very reasonable prices.

The evening lectures are open to the general public. No reservation required. No entrance fee. The complete list with the names of the keynote speakers is to be found at www.studiumgenerale.rietveldacademie.nl. For participation in one of the sessions during the day you are kindly requested to enlist at www.rietveldacademie.nl
Seating is limited.

For regular e-mail updates from the Rietveld Academie you can enlist at Tractaat (www.rietveldacademie.nl). If you only want to receive updates on the Studium Generale's transdisciplinary program you should contact StudiumGenerale@grac.nl

Concept: Gabriëlle Schleijpen
Curators: Nancy Hoffmann & Ine Gevers, Simon Ferdinando, Willem van Weelden, Laura Karreman, Aaf van Essen, Sands Murray-Wassink, Cosmin Costinas & Maria Hlavajova, Ulrike Möntmann, Ilse van Rijn, Nat Muller, assisted by Rietveld students in their second year.
Co-curation and production: Gabriëlle Schleijpen, Bert Taken, Marika Wanders with the generous help of numerous Rietveld-employees.
Graphic design & communication concept: Sara Kaaman & Martin Falck

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