Spring 2007

Spring 2007: World Of Nearness 2

During the academic year 2006-2007 the overall title of the Studium Generale programme is ‘World of Nearness’. A substantial part of this year’s lecture series will research the cultural hybridization of western and non-western art and its continuous dialogue and borderless production. The notion of postcoloniality as well as strategies of creative resistance in a globalized world will be analysed .
“From the moment the postcolonial enters into the space/time of global calculations and the effects they impose on modern subjectivity, we are confronted ........with the terrible nearness of distant places that global logic sought to abolish and bring in the domain of de-territorialized rule. Rather than vast distances and unfamiliar places, strange peoples and cultures, post-coloniality embodies the spectacular mediation and representation of nearness as the dominant mode of understanding the present condition of globalization.
Post-coloniality, in its demand for full inclusion within the global system and by contesting existing epistemological structures, shatters the narrow focus of Western global optics and fixes it’s gaze on the wider sphere of the new political , social and cultural relations that emerged after World War 2. The postcolonial today is a world of proximities.

(From: Okwui Enwezor, The Black Box. Essay in the Documenta 11_ Platform 5: Exhibition Catalogue)  

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