Around CINEMA CLASH CONTINUUM two small publications will be produced.

The CINEMA CLASH CONTINUUM:FILM & HISTORY IN THE AGE OF GODARD publication can be downloaded here.

CCC-publication 1 will contain, an introduction to the conference, brief introductions to the different programs plus brief introductions to every curator and to his guest and his/her topic/presentation. It will also contain a schedule of the week.
To be launched on March 16.

CCC-publication 2 will reflect the actual content of each CCC-day; text-versions of lectures, interviews with guests, reports, visual and textual source-material. During the seminars the guest-curators work with the students on the production of content for this reader.
To be launched during the Rietveld Endexam July 7-10.

Both publications will be edited by Gabriëlle Schleijpen and Bert Taken
and designed by Anthony Salvador and Camilla Martinsen and printed by Robstolk.

Anthony and Camilla are students in their final year of study at the Rietvelds Graphic Design department.
As part of CINEMA CLASH CONTINUUM they have founded the ccccinémathèque.

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