Autumn 2003

Autumn 2003: Cities And Eyes 1 

The Studium Generale 2003- 2004 opens on the first of october, with a presentation by Nexts Architects that will take you to 26 cities. But that is only the beginning. From that day onward till the end of the academic year you will be immersed in everything metropolitan. If you just arrived in the city straight from the countryside you problably want to get lost in a sweltering alley of the harbour quarter first. It mirrors your forlorn feelings. There ofcourse you must get drunk. But when you wake up you suddenly find yourself swimming in an ocean of blinding signs and sounds that you can’t connect to any meaning at all. Where to start making sense of this energetic pandemonium of human urges? Since yesterday you are part of the city yourself. How to look at it now ? How to read it ? How to see...
"It is the mood of the beholder which gives the city of Zemrude its form. If you go by whistling , your nose a-tilt behind the whistle, you will know it from below: window sills, flapping curtains, fountains.If you walk along hanging your head , your nails dug into the palms of your hands, your gaze will be held on the ground in the gutters, the manhole covers, the fish scales, wastepaper. You cannot say that one aspect of the city is truer than the other………."
From: 'Cities and Eyes 2' In: 'Invisible Cities' ( 'La Citta invisibili' 1972) By: Italo Calvino

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