Flash Back / Flash Forward

Flash Back/Flash Forward 

In an intriguing text on the future of anachronism in our media and information based society Jorinde Seijdel starts her argument by explaining: "Regardless of the hegemony of the New and the Now, you only need to cast a superficial glance at the world around you to be confronted with numerous anachronisms, things and ideas that are in fact contradictory to the time in which they exist. They are literally ‘out of time'. The word ‘anachronism' stems from the Greek: ‘ana' (back), and ‘chronos' (time). Whether it concerns architecture, images, objects, or political or social structures, anachronisms are omnipresent. This does not imply that they are always recognised as anachronistic. The reverse is true; many relicts of the past contribute to the manifestation and the experience of the contemporary, which, in order to be able to profile itself cannot do without the ‘old'. The ‘now' needs continuous signs from the past to prove that it is ‘new'. In a certain sense these ‘desired' anachronisms are wilfully produced and cultivated in order to suggest that everything happens as if it happened already". ('Het einde van de anachronismen', Jorinde Seijdel, Witte Raaf, november - december 2001).
As an upbeat to 'The Old Brand New' (www.theoldbrandnew.nl), a collaborative project in which the Rietveld Academie, De Appel, as well as several other partners, present an ambitious series of lectures on the New, De Appel will host 6 lecturers who are invited by Studium Generale to present their artistic research projects on anachronisms and other wilful manipulations of past, present and future to a combined audience of Rietveld students and participants in De Appel 's Curatorial Program.
The coming weeks 6 speakers will convey their very particular sense of time, place and intellectual space.

Seminar and presentations of Flash back / Flash forward will be moderated by artist and curator Delphine Bedel.

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