Attempted Aberrations in the Domain of Emergence
Jackie Wang

This is a multimedia performance on exhaustion, the velocity of value production, the labour of feeding your digital double, and the annexation of being in the ‘theater where prostrations to identity are perform.’ It is an attempt to shatter the avatar of the avatar before it eats the girl alive.

Jackie Wang is a poet, multimedia artist, and PhD candidate in African and African American Studies at Harvard University, Boston specializing in race and the political economy of prisons and police. She recently published a book titled Carceral Capitalism (2018) on the racial, economic, political, legal, and technological dimensions of the United States carceral state. She has performed and exhibited work at venues including: MoMA PS1, New York; Whitney Biennial, New York; The Kitchen, New York; LA Film Forum’s Cinema Cabaret, Los Angeles; Arika’s Episode 9: Other Worlds Already Exist, Glasgow; and Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow among many others