Place (mauser 2) by Antoine Beuger and This is a voice by Samuel Vriezen & the Grand Rietveld Choir
Basicyear, the Grand Rietveld Choir, Samuel Vriezen

VOICE ~ CREATURE OF TRANSITION will be brought to a close with the first public performance by the Grand Rietveld Choir, which will present two works under the leadership of Samuel Vriezen:
Place (mauser 2) by Antoine Beuger and This is a voice by Samuel Vriezen (world premiere).

During this concert more than a hundred first year students of the Rietveld Academie will demonstrate, in a variety of ways, how their unique voices can form a vocal community. In Place, inspired by Emily Dickinson, the choir in the end refers most of all to the place where it is situated. In This is a voice, Samuel Vriezen employs simple musical structures as a springboard for the individual voices, so that they can contribute their singular texture to the “voice” of the whole choir.

Samuel Vriezen is an Amsterdam-based composer who haswritten many works for chamber ensembles that have been performed worldwide. Vriezen’s work shows an interest in non-standard ways of organizing performer coordination and interaction and in exploring the panoramic contrapuntal possibilities that such methods of ensemble playing give. Vriezen is also a poet and a pianist. His writing (including poetry, translations and essays) has been published in many literary journals. Together with Dante Boon, Vriezen produced the CD recording of Tom Johnson’s Symmetries on Karnatic Lab Records.