What else?

Part two of the workshop is set to delve into the fascinating realm of data and profiling, urging us to uncover the concealed elements within our algorithms—what I like to refer to as the realm of oblivion. We’re presented with meticulously tailored content across various platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Spotify, Netflix, and YouTube. This content is shaped by the extensive data gathered about each user, assigning specific labels and profiling types. While this approach can yield highly accurate results, it’s not immune to being fragmented or inaccurate. This prompts us to question the profound impact these profiles have on the choices and opportunities that unfold in our lives.

During the second day of the workshop, we aim to rupture the confines of our platform bubbles. We’re actively seeking to unveil the facets we might appreciate but remain obscured within our algorithms. The process begins individually, each participant mapping out the aspects that elude their usual algorithmic gaze. As we collectively weave these individual insights into a comprehensive map, we’ll engage in collaborative exploration within small groups. The goal is to collectively decipher and celebrate the richness that lies beyond the confines of our algorithmic comfort zones.