Olho da Rua (2022)
Jonathas de Andrade

Starring a cast of 100 people, Olho da Rua is divided into eight acts and presents performance propositions in front of the camera as exercises in the gaze. Situated between fiction and nonfiction, simple actions are presented by the cast, such as looking and admiring oneself in front of a mirror, improvising an assembly, and sending messages to the camera. Filmed in two days at Praça do Hipódromo, in Recife, the film is made up of a cast of homeless people, linked to public shelters and non-governmental initiatives to support the population in situations of vulnerability. Jonathas de Andrade represented Brazil in the 59th Venice Biennale.

Jonathas de Andrade was born in Maceió in 1982, and lives in the north-east of Brazil in Recife. Anthropology, pedagogy, politics and morals are the lines of inquiry pursued by the artist to recount the paradoxes of modernist culture. De Andrade gathers together and catalogues images, texts, life stories and material on architecture, and, through memory, pieces together a personal narrative of the past.