Still We Thrive (2021), Isn't It A Beautiful World (2021)
Joseph Wilson, Campbell X

Still We Thrive (2021), Campbell X
Still We Thrive is a film about our healing and self-care under white supremacy. Still We Thrive uses found/archive footage, pieces to camera, voice over, and music to build a story of Black mental health resilience. The film uses archive and found footage of Black people, from different times and geographical locations, to create a sense of connection via Diaspora.
Content heads up: brief racist imagery

Campbell X is a transgender writer/director who directed the award-winning queer urban romantic comedy feature film STUD LIFE named in the Guardian as one of the 10 most important Black UK films in the last 40 years.

Line drawing of Xi Jinping
Screenshot of the movie
Isn’t It A Beautiful World (2021), Joseph Wilson
Queer performers lip-sync to archival confessionals of unknown provenance as they explore abandoned spaces of abject neglect. The blurring of time and place creates an air of the unknown, but not the intangible. Through their evocative performances, Soroya, Harry & Kenya render an all-too-familiar story for members of the LGBTQIA+ community of loneliness, anxiety, trauma and recovery.
Joseph Wilson is a queer artist working with film, installation and performance. His work focuses on ideas that hold particular significance to him personally, including identity and self-acceptance. He is interested in rediscovering lost queer voices and celebrating the communities on the fringes of society.