Sea Lovers
Ingo Niermann

Still from Sea Lovers

Sea Lovers, video by Ingo Niermann

Large parts of the sea are used in a similar fashion as the countryside. Still, its liquidity and enormous size sustain substantial differences. The oceans slip away from national and personal liability. The video ‘Sea Lovers’ portrays a group of people who train for a more intimate relation with the ocean. They try to learn to enjoy not just the cute and the intelligent but also the gloomy and the uncanny. By means of exercise and technology, they work towards a sea of love where all creatures help and celebrate each other. ‘Sea Lovers’ is written and directed by Ingo Niermann, filmed and edited by Roman Bayarri, and features Ana María Millán and the fellows of the TBA21-Academy expedition #2, Cycle 2 ‘The Solomon Exercises,’ led by Chus Martínez. The score has been created by producer Ville Haimala and the singers Franziska Aigner and Dan Bodan. The film was commissioned by TBA21–Academy.

Ingo Niermann(b. 1969, Bielefeld) is a novelist, writer, and artist. Since 2008 Niermann has been the editor of Solution, a series published by Sternberg Press, whose last issue explores the bio-political and psychosexual topic of love. Following his debut novel Der Effekt (2001) recent books have included *The Future of Art: A Manual *(Sternberg Press, 2011) and *The Curious World of Drugs and Their Friends *(Turnaround, 2008).