The Mermaids, Or Aiden In Wonderland (2018)
Karrabang Film Collective

In a not-too-distant future, the world is being poisoned and Europeans are unable to step outside, while Indigenous people are able to. Aiden, adopted into a white family, is taken out on a voyage, exploring two possible perspectives. The psychedelic and fragmented nature of the film reflects the insidious violence that corrupts the psychology of those who are structurally, economically, and politically displaced. Karrabing Film Collective is an indigenous media group consisting of over 30 members, bringing together Aboriginal filmmakers from Australia’s Northern Territory.

Karrabing Film Collective is an indigenous media group formed by approximately 30 members, most of whom are based in the Northern Territories of Australia. Initiated in 2008 as a form of grassroots activism, they approach filmmaking as a mode of self-organisation and a means of investigating contemporary social conditions of inequality. With their films and installations, the collective exposes the long shadow and different shapes cast by colonial power.