Brown Handbag
Monsur Mansoor

Carrying a hammer in a handbag and safety clothes as armour, Monsur Mansoor dances against productivity and the erasure that comes with being seen as valid, and fit, for the purpose of work. This performance unpicks embodied knowledge, fantasies, and stories towards a landscape where overwhelmed, wasteful, and purposeless dances rule.

Monsur Mansoor (they/them) is a performance artist who works with dance. Their previous work Nothing 2 Nobody was supported by Arts Council England. Their work has been presented at venues including: Chisenhale Dance Space, London; Steakhouse Live Festival, UK; Goldsmiths, University of London; Lofft – Das Theater, Leipzig; Yorkshire Dance, Leeds; Passengerfilms; Live Art Development Agency, London; Wallace Collection, London; Maltings Arts Theatre, St Albans; Exeter Phoenix; Gulbenkian, Canterbury; and Queen’s Hall Art Centre, Hexam, UK.