Recruitment for the Army of Love
Army of Love, Ingo Niermann

Army of Love is a project of diverse practitioners that aim for an intimate completion of justice. It’s because even in a society where there is access to basic needs, commodities, and structures, attractiveness is not distributed equally, often leaving out those considered to be old, ugly, or unsuccessful. The practitioners of the Army strive to offer all-encompassing love – one that includes diverse forms of care, desire, sex, and respect – to all those who need it. Join Army of Love founder Ingo Niermann, Casco curator Staci Bu Shea and bonding coach Mirjana Smolic for some practical exercises to enhance our mutual love.

The Army of Love exhibition project at Casco in Utrecht runs until February 25.

Ingo Niermann is a writer and the editor of the speculative book series Solution at Sternberg Press. His debut novel Der Effekt was published in 2001. Based on his novel Solution 257: Complete Love (2016), Niermann initiated the Army of Love. His most recent book, co-edited with Joshua Simon, is Solution 275-294: Communists Anonymous (2017).