Spaghetti and Sun Visions, presentation and hypnosis session
Marcos Lutyens, Rybakova

Spaghetti and sun visions is an epistolary conversation about and through dreams between artist Marcos Lutyens and artist Viktorija Rybakova. How can dreaming become a form of knowledge making? The artists thought of a way to expand the mind and evoke divergent thinking through colours, shapes, associations, symbols. In agreement that life is constantly semiotic and that it is us “the messengers and receivers” who create new symbols, the artists questioned what kind of symbols and meanings haunt our dreams today? Can active exchange of symbols generate a new cosmology seen through dreams, felt through book makings and told through the eyes? This hour-long presentation and hypnosis will invite participants to connect “eyes” and weave the symbologies together.
Viktorija Rybakova (she/her) is a research based artist and designer, working extensively within artist’s book medium. In her artistic investigations she applies (auto)ethnographic methods and often co-creates with other thinkers and makers. Currently, she is exploring the ways the artist’s book can translate feelings and make space for affective knowledge. She is a PhD student at LUCA School of Arts and a former fellow at the Jan Van Eyck Academie. In 2018/20 she co-created with graphic designer G. Budvytyte under the name laumes. laumes published their artistic research “El Plastico, the Sun that lives inside the Rock” (2020, Bom Dia Books) and created temporary graphic identities for Kunstenfestivaldesarts and Kunstinstituut Melly. Viktorija exhibited internationally and was awarded the Grand Prix in Tallinn Print Triennial in 2013.

Marcos Lutyens (he/him) artistic practice targets the psychic and emotional well-being of his audiences by skillfully leading participants in hypnotic exercises that affect the deepest levels of their psyche. His works take form in installations, sculptures, drawings, short films, writings, and performances. In his explorations of consciousness, Lutyens has collaborated with celebrated neuro-scientists V. Ramachandran and Richard Cytowic, as much as studying under shamans from different cultures, as well as self-evolved practices to do with lucid dreaming and synesthetic and paroptic sensing. From these investigations and research, he has worked with visitors´ unconscious states in museums, galleries, and biennales around the world. For him, the realms of dreaming and the unconscious are often more concrete than experiences of the waking world.