Studies on Fantasmical Anatomy Vol. 2
Anne Juren

Anne Juren conducts a session of her ongoing research on “fantastical anatomies” with all conference participants. “Fantasmical anatomy” gives a name to an ongoing experiment that departs from the Feldenkrais method and expands it in an experimental-aesthetic-speculative dimension. From Feldenkrais it takes the notion that the brain is a corporeal-symptomatic matrix that offers a sense of orientation to the body. In fantasmical anatomies, I propose instead that disorientation as an experimental way to reestablish unsuspected and improbable relations between body and mind, imagination and sensation, experience and language, action and non-action. In the end, fantasmical anatomies may lead us to the discovery that neither the body nor the brain are necessarily localizable entities – and how from a somatic-poetic con-fusion new possibilities of producing and creating movement can emerge.

Anne Juren is a choreographer, dancer and performer based in Vienna. In 2003, she co-founded together with the visual artist Roland Rauschmeier the association Wiener Tanz- und Kunstbewegung in Vienna. Her choreographic works and artistic research have been extensively presented in international theatres, festivals, and different art spaces and venues. In her work, Juren tries to expand the term choreography in engaging the body in different states of physical, sensorial, corporeal and mental experiences, questioning the boundaries between private and public spheres. Since 2013, Juren is a Feldenkrais® practitioner. She is currently part of the artistic committee for the Master in Choreography at School of Dance and Circus and doing a PhD at Uniarts both at Stockholm University of the Arts.