Muck Signal from Muck Studies Department
Geo Wyeth

The Muck Studies Department will present some new findings based on research conducted in the juicy Netherlands over the last narrow avoidance. In those streets Teeth rattle the moving man legacies from a new customer in a wheeling chair. He skid down a small hill toward the asphalt in scabby socks where the cars ski on light threads. Right nearby old ladies whoop their arms around on the banks of the east water. I squeak on 99c bagel cheese and hum tight against all the homes I never have I ever inside. Which black hat am I wearing again. Four days later in the Reverse Pilgrim trouble, I go to the gym on a guest pass and think in a gross way about all the jobs, and then the clanking sound inside the jobs. The inside job is never easy, white paste pressed from the bottom of the tube. Yesterday, my friend’s dog puked on my outstretched hand, rubs of nerves and pleasure. I’m familiar with the old in and out game, like whatever sinks also swims, just somewhere else in some late night stomach. Some kind of pain leaking in some way through a bent metal pipe. They pay for juice, and I like it, I’m enjoying it. Now I put down my dumb phone to bare Teeth for a moving man, I put it down and wait for someone to buy it for a lot of money. I push the man away from the phone. People don’t realize there’s always money, when they say there’s no money, they’re lying but they never think they’re lying. No one thinks they’re lying. Rich dumb candy scented baby wipes show booty cracks in a merry go round of splinter teeth outside the yoga factory. I let go of my phone, I eat yoghurt when my booty cracks, I need to go back for it. I need my Teeth to bare my job, but not so primetime, like maybe a 2am slot when not everyone is awake and waiting for the in and out game. In a gross way I remember traveling to another country, like the old Italian lady in Another Country who says something about not wanting to die in America. In the Reverse Pilgrim inside job, it’s not about dogs anymore, the dogs are about something no longer on public access.

Geo Wyeth works with music, performance, installation, and video. Wyeth’s work has been presented at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Triangle France, Arsenic (CH), MoMA PS1 (Greater New York 2016), LA MoCA, the New Museum, New York Live Arts, The Studio Museum in Harlem, Boston ICA, Kate Werble Gallery, La MaMa Theatre, Human Resources, The Pyramid Club and Joe’s Pub. S/he was recently in residence at the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten for the years 2015/2016 in Amsterdam and is currently based between Rotterdam, NL and New York.