The Tuning of our Hearing - Closed Eye Concert #1
Andreas Tegnander

This concert by Andreas Tegnander is curated by aux).

The Tuning of Our Hearing is an immersive 5-channel concert, an auditory experience based on the research from Music From Architecture and Sound as a Malleable Terrain, and dives deep into the essence and specific nature of auditory perception. Water is essential for survival, and we are connected to its sound in a way only the voice can match. The sound of the babbling brook tells us the story of the tuning of our senses. Our deep connection to the sound of water is a journey that starts in the oceans, and ends up on land, with massive pipe systems running within and throughout our life, sending liquids too and away from our bodies. The framework that is my body extends to a shared water reservoir on one end, and a communal kidney on the other.

(Original research for Sound as a Malleable Terrain in collaboration with Thessa Torsing en Nathan Marcus.)

Andreas Tegnander is a composer and sound artist with a degree in media and sono communication from Sonic College (DK). Through his study and later when working as a sound artist and engineer in STEIM and with other artists, he started developing works that questioned his ideas about perception of sound, using scientific and technological researches, attacking the question ‘what can be perceived’? Andreas is currently involved with a multitude of multimedia projects in this quest for a deeper sensory experience.Throughout his works we are able to experience what is out of reach by re-tuning our hearing through the use of technology.

aux) is an initiative funded by the Extra Intra Curricular Programme and run by students of Sandberg Institute and Rietveld Academie with the aim to collectively question the contemporary domination of image over sound and to intervene with vision-dependent frames of making and knowing. The platform offers a program that covers a spectrum of perspectives addressing sonic experiences and listening as everyday practices. During the academic year 2021/2022 aux) is hosting experiences at the intersection of sound art, experimental music and audio culture, supporting students to create and participate in concerts, listening sessions, workshops, and talks amongst other activities.