In this short session we will look at how we have lost the sense of connection with the self, the world, and divine intelligence that flows through it all. We will use imagery, a form of waking dreaming, to find out what it is that we have lost and how we can restore the Garden of Eden, within ourselves and also on the outside. If we align on the inside the world around us will align too as it is only a mirror image of our inside.
Mala Kline is a performer, choreographer and writer. She holds an MA in Theatre and PhD in Philosophy. She is a certified practitioner of Saphire® dreaming techniques and senior teacher at the School of Images. Her artistic and theoretical work is embedded in the Saphire® practice of dreaming. In 2018, she founded ELIAS 2069 institute – a school, an art residency space, an ecological farm and a healing resort, located in a pristine natural resort deep in the wilderness of southern Slovenia and dedicated to education and creation through dreaming.