Drag King Hellena, Aryelle Freeman Hopelezz, Jennifer Hopelezz, Mr European POZ: Eric the drag king, Papaya Kuir, Angelina Loqui, Shirleen Miyake Mugler, Drag MX science, Taka Taka, Vinny von Vinci, Vogue-Nagato

One hour, four stories,10 performances with numbers. About HIV/AIDS, mourning, PrEP prevention technology activism, wild data & drag-sharing-actions as ways of doing things for each other. End of violence; creation of joy.

Taka, Angelina Loqui, Jennifer Hopelezz, PrEP, data, Mr European POZ: Eric the drag king, dance, Aryelle Freeman Hopelezz, Sabrina Houston †, Vogue-Nagato & Shirleen Miyake Mugler, Matrix, Papaya Kuir, collective, testing centre, Vinny von Vinci, Drag MX science, Drag King Hellena, mingle.

Taka Taka is the godmother of the drag House of Hopelezz, sister for others, mother of the drag king House of Løstbois, proud daughter of Jennifer Hopelezz and co-founder of the non-profit Drag King Academy Amsterdam. Taka Taka identifies as a dragtivist, educator, queer theorist and independent curator who produces performances as art director for the Amsterdam‘s sex positive underground night club, Church since 2013.