Don’t Feel the Same: Music Interlude with Voice-Over
Janine Armin, Malak Helmy

Polish your third eye and the entire network sees you, like how when you name a thing it’s already shot. Cross your heart in the pattern of apathy – if only to keep your back and not have one. Can you love like a black hole that sucks all into it without wanting, and warp by being nothing but blind want? Maybe summer’s over and you don’t feel the same, but you don’t stop walking behind me, saying, ‘Everywhere I go, I can’t help but show, I don’t feel the same.’

Malak Helmy is a visual artist. She is joined by writer and editor Janine Armin. Together they form Artiste to make love songs, with Helmy on vocals and lyrics, and Armin on electric guitar. As Artiste they have performed at the Salinas Archeological Museum, Palermo and S A V V Y Contemporary, Berlin.