My Response to Racism is Anger: Transforming Rage into Power
Naomie Pieter

My Response to Racism is Anger: Transforming Rage into Power is a performance lecture by Naomie Pieter. The title is inspired by Audre Lorde’s essay The Uses of Anger: Women* Responding to Racism (1981). Pieter reflects on and responds to the essay through the political actions she (co)organised and choreographed. She will also share some of her Afro-Caribbean spiritual practices which she uses to create art performances and political actions.

*Pieter adds: Black Queer, Trans, Enby, Gender-non conforming people.
Intersectional queer and anti-racist activist

NAOMIE PIETER (1990) is the founder of Pon Di Pride and co-founder of Black Queer & Trans Resistance NL, as well as the founder of Black Pride NL. She won the Roze Lieverdje award 2020 for her work within the LGBTQIA+ community and she recently won the Pax Peace Award 2020. After her training as a choreographer at the Academy for Theatre and Dance in Amsterdam, Naomie effortlessly mixes the organisation of protest rallies with designing choreographies. “Protest is a social choreography. We’re organizing body, space and time. Who walks up front, what are the visuals, what is the stage?“ Pieter is one of the artists who has been invited by the Amsterdam Museum to participate in the museum’s new exhibition of the Gouden Koets 2021.