Introduction to Extended Vocal Technique
Gelsey Bell

The session will begin with an introduction to Extended Vocal Technique by Gelsey Bell, which will cover techniques ranging from ululation to vocal fry and glottal stop. Bell will break down each technique and demonstrate through collaged audio examples the physical material quality of the extended voice as it appears in folk, classical and pop music.

Gelsey Bell is a singer, songwriter, and scholar whose work has received international acclaim. She has released multiple albums including SCALING live at Roulette (2012), In Place of Arms (2010) and Under the Piano (2005). She is a core member of ensemble thingNY and performance collective Varispeed, and has worked with numerous artists in the creation of new work including Robert Ashley, Matthew Barney and John King, among others. Bell is also an ABD doctoral candidate in Performance Studies at New York University and the Critical Acts co-editor for TDR/The Drama Review.