No Bra (vocal performance)
Susanne Oberbeck

The program will continue with a vocal performance by Susanne Oberbeck (No Bra).

Forming No Bra whilst living in East London, Susanne Oberbeck has since moved to New York, where she recorded part of her new album Candy – released this year on the Address label – with NYC based musicians. She runs a night in NYC called Gay Vinyl, toured the US with Savages and in December completed a residency at East London’s Vogue Fabrics. No Bra’s debut single Munchausen was BBC Radio DJ Pete Tong’s “Eclectic Tune of 2005” and James Hyman’s “Tune of the Year 2005” and was described as essentially the London art-school answer to “Losing My Edge’s” Williamsburg smack down. Her music has been described as beat driven messthetics coupled with Sprechstimme, speak-singing poetry fuelled by the desire to “smash kyriarchy and turn gender on its head.” Writer and musician Johanna Fateman listed No Bra as “Best of 2013” in Art Forum’s round up of last year.