A Story to Tell – Voice and Authorship in the Age of AI

In the age of AI, how does the concept of “voice” start to be reshaped by generative technologies like ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion or MidJourney?

Notions of co-creation and machine-human collaboration open up questions of what authorship and personal voice mean when considering yourself a part of a network of knowledge rather than a singular voice. Departing from Ursula K. Le Guin’s definition of spear (hero + beginning and end) vs bag narrative (a storytelling process with no beginning or end), we will explore how AI and algorithmic thinking can expand our ideas around creative egos and move towards collaborative structures of knowledge and culture production—shifting towards notions of digital kin and machine-human co-creation.

How can this “simple” change in perspective activate spaces of agency that counteract embedded hierarchies and biases in the algorithms?

Mariana Fernández Mora is an artist, writer, researcher, feminist and the current editor at ARIAS Amsterdam and leading the A.I. thematic line over there. Her practice intersects the fields of performance, linguistics and technology. She is fascinated by fictional archives, piles of stuff, hedges, memes, guinea pigs and PowerPoints. Currently, she is focused on researching A.I., language and our intimate and sometimes problematic relationship with technology.