Wed, Nov 23, 2011Lectures

The Making of the Self in 1970s Art
Stefan Majakowski, Ruth Noack

Wednesday November 23, 2011
At the GYM in the main building of the Rietveld Academie
2–4 PM


– The Rest is Silence
a leisurely stroll from Rublyov to Hamlet and back by Stefan Majakowski.
Each week WE ARE THE TIME invites a guest to present a spoken column
in reaction to (aspects of) the past edition.


– This week’s screening and column will be integrated. Stefan Majakowsi, lecturer and writer,
founding director of the Shadow-festival that focused on the more creative qualities of documentary
cinema, will screen fragments by Andrei Tarkovsky and Chris Marker.


– The Making of the Self in 1970s Art
By Ruth Noack, art historian, critic and exhibition maker. She was the curator of Documenta 12 in 2007.
Most of us live in the here and now. But when we reflect upon the digital technologies and the new regimes
of representations that fashion our contemporary life, both enabling and limiting the ways in which we are
able to engage as individuals with society, we tend to forget that there is a history of these technologies that
did not start with the PC and the Internet. In her lecture, Ruth Noack will be looking at artistic practice in the

1970s, when a great number of artists sought to create themselves as works of art. In which way might this history
lesson help us to develop more complex and powerful strategies to create a picture of today - and our place in it?