RADICAL PLURALITY ~ Post-signature: from autopoiesis (self-making) to sympoesis (making with others/non-humans)

In this talk, Klap explores the evolving nature of authorship, collaboration, and technology to challenge the traditional idea of the singular artist-genius and highlight decentralized and collaborative creative processes, including the role of non-human actors. Responsible technology use, diversity in perspectives, and ethical considerations in collaborative projects are emphasized, with an example of the interactive audio-visual installation LAWKI, which uses audiences’ search data to generate an opera through artificial intelligence and machine learning. The talk will underscore the importance of recognizing diverse perspectives, the shift from individual authorship to collective creation, and the blurred boundaries of authorship in the contemporary art- and design landscape.

Roosje Klap researches the experimental boundaries of custom-fit design through close collaborations with artists, curators, architects, (type) designers, and writers. The group of ARK (Atelier Roosje Klap), with their research-based interdisciplinary approach, reflects a generation of designers that define their assignments alongside commissions. As an experienced educator and coach specializing in graphic design, media art, and digital humanities, Roosje led and designed curricula and workshops for international art academies and universities to guide and inspire creatives and enhance equitable relationships in their habitats. She headed the Graphic Design and Non-Linear departments at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) and was a core advisor at Van Eyck Academie before embarking on her Ph.D. research in which she investigates collective work with nonhuman agents under the term ‘post-signature’.