Híbridos, The Spirits of Brazil
Vincent Moon, Priscilla Telmon

Based on four years of research on Brazil, the project builds a large visual and sonic archive on the spiritual culture of the South American giant, exploring the expanding boundaries of cinema today. Híbridos looks into trance-cinema: breaking down the distance between the viewer and subject, guiding them through movements including non-stop dances with music pulsating at high rhythms, it creates a new perspective about what might be the invisible and how to deal with it creatively. A poetic and ethnographic view of the world of diverse sacred ceremonies and cinema as pure poetic language, ‘Híbridos’ comprises complementary formats in questioning our relationship to images. With the site-specific expanded cinema performance Híbridos Live, they investigate the relationship between trance, ecstasy, music, and spiritual ritual. By editing their ethnographic films in real-time and merging ceremonies and improvising with voice among other instruments, they welcome the audience to take part in a ‘cinematic ritual’.

Priscilla Telmon and Vincent Moon are a multidisciplinary artist duo working as independent filmmakers and sound explorers. They produce experimental films, music recordings, creative direction, and curation based on material collected from their numerous travels. See: petitesplanetes.earth; hibridos.cc