Rasum A’núuj a, an Oneiric Assembly

Triqui midwives from San Juan Copala in Mexico learn midwifery in dreams. In this space, their future practice is revealed at a very young age. When the midwives share dreams, they express a collective work, a practice that guides life, and an ability to relate to time beyond the material world. Daniel will share his experience working alongside triqui midwives, women who relate to dreams as a learning and healing tool. With the use of tequio and dreaming assemblies, they are deepening their understanding of the environmental destruction to imagine possible futures to confront climate collapse.
Daniel Godínez Nivón (he/him) is a Mexican artist whose practice is linked to processes of social participation related to collective knowledge and education. One of the fundamental tools of his practice is ‘tequio’, a traditional system of work which consists of a communal, collaborative and compulsory work system. He studied at the Multiple Media Seminar in Arts and Design at UNAM, Mexico, then undertook a residency at Jan van Eyck Academie (2021-2022) In 2022 he received the Prince Claus Mentorship Award from the Prince Claus Fund & Goethe-Institut and represented Mexico in the 23rd International Exhibition of the Milano Triennale and won 2nd best Pavilion.