Augmented Embodiments

Through the filter of his multiple Potential Identities, the Artist (and Iden-titect) Johannes Paul Raether will give an introduction to his shizzo-realist avatars and psycho-active institutions that have been crystalizing in an evolving experimental framework they call Identitecture. Appearances of figures such as Protektorama, the SmartphoneSangoma and WorldWideWitch as well as Transformella, ReproRevolutionary of the Ovulo-factories, will be presented and reflected, while instances, sites and practices within these Appearances will be discussed for their respective terms and methods. The aim of language within this system of self-made conceptualisations and proto-academic terms such as ‘Beautified Intervention’, and ‘Augmented Embodi-ments’ will be discussed as a means to continuously construct a partial and situated, yet evolving planetary model of identity production. The lecture aims to show vectors of this production(s) and how to dissect from the genre of political art and to travel towards a potential framing of „psycho-realist artistic practice in a capitalist society“.

Johannes Paul Raether lives and works in Berlin. During his studies at the Universität der Künste Berlin he worked in several self-organised projects such as the Freie Klasse. From 2006 to 2011 he co-organised the artist run space “basso” and conceived several of the collectives performances. His works and performances were shown at KUMU Art Museum, Tallinn (2010), Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm (2010), Kunsthaus Bregenz (2012), KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin (2013), Savvy Contemporary, Berlin (2014) and in Fridericianum, Kassel (2015). Solo exhibitions at September Gallery, Berlin (2011), Künstlerhaus Stuttgart (2012), Ludlow 38, New York City (2014) and in Transmission Gallery, Glasgow (2015). Raether published in Texte Zur Kunst and has been Gastprofessor at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Ham-burg. He received the Villa Romana Price (2015) and is currently Artist in Res-idence at the Leuphana University Art’s Program.