Cybernetics - on social practice (AIDS/HIV) : ACT UP
Taka Taka

In this virtual zoooom presentation, dragtivist Taka Taka will carefully consider the workings and needs of different activist artists’ collective practices through a lens of Cybernetics. Taka Taka will look at the historic collectives ACT-UP; Gran Fury; and the Guerilla Girls; as well as into the role of Drag performers in AIDS/HIV activism.

Taka Taka identifies as a professional drag-thing and edu-curator who produces performances as art director for the Amsterdam cruise club Church. Taka Taka sees drag as an amplified voice, whose purpose is to communicate, problematize, and propose methods according to local (Amsterdam) conditions. Taka Taka is the godmother of the House of Hopelezz, a sister for others, mother of the drag king House of Løstbois, and proud daughter of Jennifer Hopelezz. Taka Taka sees life through the lens of Dragtivism by producing weekly parties and para-educational strategies for the margins of the marginal LGBTQIA ++ community including political and gender asylum seekers, friends with the virus, misfits, and party monsters.