BAD Collaborations

In her talk Angelique Spaninks will go into how MU has developed the BAD award presentation and surrounding exhibition in 2014 and 2015 and what its plans for the upcoming years are. What are the challenges and gifts you run into when developing an exhibition with mainly living materials that will have to be on view for 2 months? And what does it take to curate around collaborative open-ended projects that will only be ready on the day of the opening?

Trained as a journalist and arts & cultural scientist at Erasmus University An-gelique Spaninks’s career splits in two parts. The first half she spend in journalism writing about culture, culture policy, visual arts, design, architecture, e-culture and managing the general newsdesk at a newspaper. After that she switched to managing and curating at MU art space since 2005 and STRP Biennial since 2012. Spaninks combines general management and curation at both foundations based in Eindhoven. MU is one of the leading 4 ‘presentatie-instellingen’ for visual arts in the Netherlands (next to De Appel, Witte De With and Marres). STRP Biennial is a leading and hybrid festival for creative technology in the Netherlands. Since 2014 MU collaborates with ZonMW and NWO on granting and presenting the international Bio Art & Design Awards and each year develops and presents an exhibition around the 3 prizewinning new BAD projects. In the winter of 2015/2016 this exhibition was called Body of Matter.