Wed, Mar 27, 2019Lectures

Zero Day Patch – Misdirecting Weeping Angel
Darío Dezfuli, Heleen Mineur, Austin Redman

An evasive non-verbal communication method that undermines and outsmarts data collection and technology (namely voice recording) traps that infringe on privacy. Recent leaks of the vault 7 documents – and conspiracy videos populating Redman’s YouTube algorithms – have claimed data collection of private conversations by corporate technologies such as smart TVs, smartphones, nests, etc. With the implementation of codified tactics we can evade such methods of corporate traps through untraceable skillsets.

Austin Redman is a graphic designer and participant at Werkplaats Typografie, Arnhem. His work focuses on mystifying symbolism in an attempt to strengthen autonomy in an increasingly orchestrated landscape. When not working, most of his time is spent decalcifying his pineal gland.

Darío Dezfuli is a participant at Werkplaats Typografie, Arnhem. He is immersed in a process of slow acceleration and is organically transforming cultural artefacts through slow-motion impatience. His work is conscious of self-transformation, timefulness, and decay, like a snowball in a freezer.

Heleen Mineur uses conceptual, expressive, and interdisciplinary strategies often formalized through video. She is primarily interested in the exploiting of human online and offline behaviour towards research of information in the broadest sense, with little to no basis in modalities of truth. She is currently studying at Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam, focused on researching different work methods to change current structures and looking for a way to heal through design.