The 21st century is under the influence of the dual forces of transparency and propaganda. Both represent fictions. One is that of an untainted and self-evident truth, effected through the unlimited release of data. The other is that of a self-created bubble, where every piece of information reinforces and enhances an emotionally powerful (and politically explosive) cocktail of hopes and disillusions. Both these fictions—transparency and propaganda—are also forces of design and art.

Metahaven was founded by Daniel van der Velden and Vinca Kruk in 2007. Originally experimental graphic designers, Metahaven turned to art and moving image as a natural progression of their research into aesthetics and politics after the internet. They worked with organizations like WikiLeaks and Independent Diplomat, and produce music videos with progressive EDM superstar Holly Herndon. Metahaven’s recent publications include Uncorporate Identity, Can Jokes Bring Down Governments?, and Black Transparency. Together, Kruk and Van der Velden teach at the European Graduate School in Saas-Fee, Switzerland. Their work has been exhibited at MoMA PS1, the Victoria & Albert Museum, Artists Space NYC, and the Museum of Modern Art Warsaw, among others.