Collective Dream Weavers

Introduction to Collective Dream Weavers by guest curator Erika Sprey

Erika Sprey is a Dutch-Mexican educator, curator and artistic researcher. Recently, she (co)curated Conjurings at the Center of Art Research and Alliances (CARA) in NYC. As curator-in-chief of the Studium Generale program of The Royal Academy of the Arts in The Hague, Erika curates educational programmes such as Wxtch Craft (Reclaiming the Wxtch, The Poisons, the Remedies, Your Name is Medicine over my Kin and (Tr)ancestral body wisdom for a more-than-human Sex Magick) and Earth Craft (The Word for World is Soil and Kindred Soils) that aim to reclaim suppressed knowledges such as witchcraft, queer feminist liberatory practice, soil care and collective dreaming.