HARD-CORE invites you to visit the Core of its system, The Universal Blob. Here voices are not what they seem and who they seem. Identities dissolve and are formed, the mundane gets blend with dreams and wishes for the fu-ture. Welcome to the power of plurality.

HARD-CORE is an Amsterdam and London based artist-run organization op-erating non-hierarchically and non-authoritatively by delegating tasks algo-rithmically between collaborative parties. Since its foundation in spring 2011, HARD-CORE has been developing curatorial methods which problematize aspects of exhibition-making, such as subjective choices based on notions of harmony and taste. It recently started an artist database supported by its ro-botic curator Asahi to organize exhibitions. HARD-CORE is kindly supported by the European Pavilion. Recent exhibitions include; Strictly Digital, Alter-nativa 2015, Wyspa Institute of Art (PL, 2015); IS IT ART OR IS IT JUST, NEW: ART CENTER, BWA Zielona Góra (PL, 2014); Logic if you want human if you like, Alpineum (CH, 2013).