HACKING HABITAT studies and maps the affects provoked by hightech controlled habitats – a world where people are increasingly separated from their means of (re)production- and practices of resistance and their effects. Objective of the project is to deliver both critical and affirmative answers, propositions and action perspectives to specific questions. Our goal is to to allow for new alliances between humans and machines and leading to emancipation, resilience, and a more equal appreciation of lives and information across differences. The talk will focuss on how to develop a new sense of ‘a –whereness’, which, much like becoming ecologically intelligent, depends on our responsiveness and willingness to deconstruct the liberal human and anthropocentic ‘subject’ as to allow ourselves to enter into somatechnic relationships as a precondition to life-hacking.

Ine Gevers is curator, writer and activist. Among the exhibitions and publications are: Place, Position, Presentation, Public, Maastricht, 1992, Cultural Identity: Fiction or Necessity, Maastricht, 1990, Ik + de Ander. Art and the Human Condition, Amsterdam 1994, Beyond Ethics and Aesthetics, SUN, 1997, Encountering the Culture of the Norm, Amsterdam, 2000, Niet Normaal ·Difference on Display, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam, 2010 (Berlin, 2011, Liverpool,2012),Yes Naturally. how art saves the world, Gemeentemuseum, The Hague, 2013, proposing non-anthropocentric worldview in order to become ecologically intelligent. Currently she prepares the large scale international exhibition HACKING HABITAT, contributing to a new sense of ‘a-whereness’ as a precondition to algorithmic resistance and the practice of life-hacking.