Tidal Bodies / Tidal Thinking
Arjen Mulder

The Tide and the Algae by Arjen Mulder.pdf

Arjen Mulder, The Tide and the Algae

Tidal Thinking
Quoting from his text The Tide and the Algae Arjen Mulder will zoom in on the geological history of the tide, the natural philosophy of Empedocles, the rhythmmorphology of tidal bodies and the rococo lifestyle of Red Algae (Rhodophyta), trying to find an answer to the question of what the algae stand for.

Arjen Mulder is a biologist and fulltime writer, living in Amsterdam. With a background in illegal knowledge (Adilkno), mediatheory and semiotics, his main interest is in finding new ways to approach the age old question: What is Life? His most recent book, Vanuit de plant gezien (As Seen by the Plant, 2019), is an effort to overcome plant blindness and offers a natural philosophy from a non-human point of view. Mulder participates in the (link: https://arm.flytedokk.org/doku.php?id=start text: Academy of Rhythmorphology).