The transfeminist collective Laboria Cuboniks prepared a video on their ma-nifesto Xenofeminism: A Politics for Alienation (2015). Rejecting originary au-thenticity, affirming technological alienation, and regrounding left accelera-tionism in its cyberfeminist antecedents, the xenofeminists have unleashed an alien storm system, one from which terrestrial subjectivities will not emerge unaltered.

Laboria Cuboniks (b. 2014) is a xenofeminist collective, spread across five countries and three continents. She seeks to dismantle gender, destroy ‘the family,’ and do away with nature as a guarantor for inegalitarian political po-sitions. Her name is an anagram of ‘Nicolas Bourbaki’, a pseudonym under which a group of largely French mathematicians worked towards an affirma-tion of abstraction, generality and rigour in mathematics in the early twenti-eth century.tieth century.