Militance Is an Alternative to Madness
Patricia Kaersenhout

In 2017 Patricia Kaersenhout realized the community art project Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner Too? With this project, Kaersenhout provides a response to The Dinner Party (1979), the most famous work of feminist artist Judy Chicago which celebrates strong women but underrepresents women of color. Kaersenhout criticises this installation by showing a large, richly decorated dining table in triangular form, full of symbolism, to which 36 Black women and women of color, “heroines of resistance”, are honored. Her lecture will address her social practice and she will talk about erasure and dignity. Kaersenhout is part of an international network of artists and scientists engaged in decolonial aesthetics/aesthesis and has exhibitions in the Netherlands and abroad.

Patricia Kaersenhout is a Dutch visual artist and cultural activist. Born in the Netherlands but a descendant from Surinamese parents. Kaersenhout has pursued an artistic path exploring the relationship between her background and her Western European education. The political thread in her work raises questions about the African Diaspora’s movements and its relation to feminism, sexuality, racism and the history of slavery. She considers her art practice to be a social one. With her projects she empowers (young) men and women of color.