WALKING HOME: Spectral perambulations at nighttime
Nikos Doulos

In the context of the walking club What We Walk About When We Talk About Walking, Nikos Doulos will deliver an online talk on night walking as a relational and a corporeal enterprise to the nocturnal city. Taking as a starting point the project Walking Home – A Nightwalkers Session (2017) in relation to Jean Cocteau’s Orphée (1950) and Odysseus descent to the underworld, Nikos will attempt to ‘walk’ the prospects of nightly perambulations as modes of meaningful encountering with oneself, the city and its spectres.

Nikos Doulos is a visual artist, curator, and educator. In his work, he creates malleable situations as participatory infrastructures and ‘soft’ knowledge generators. Walking holds a predominant part in his practice. He is a co-director at Expodium in Utrecht – an urban do-tank that utilizes artistic means to talk about the city. In 2011, and under Expodium’s umbrella, he founded NIGHTWALKERS – a participatory nocturnal walking project investigating the contemporary identity of the flanêur/flâneuse, performed in (among others) the Netherlands, Serbia, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Hungary, South Korea, and Greece.