You and Your Brain — What Neuroscience Can (Not) Do
Stephan Schleim

No doubt, neurosciences are “in”. Stephan Schleim will present examples for how the neurosciences are influencing society — and for how they aren’t. Besides having the potential for genuinely new insights and treatments of neurological disorders, brain research also carries risks for people’s individuality and subjectivity. Reasons for the latter are primarily standardization and reductionism within the (natural) sciences. The talk will challenge you to think about the question who knows you better: you or the neuroscientist?

Stephan Schleim is Associate Professor for History and Theory of Psychology at the University of Groningen. He did his PhD in cognitive science and was probably the first to ever investigate lawyers in a brain scanner. His current research is about the science communication and philosophy of the neurosciences. He is also a science writer and blogger with books about “brain reading” (2008) or the “neuro society”(2011).